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CATCH II - Families Support Scheme

Date: 01/06/2021

The Service is ended on 1 June 2021.


CATCH II-Families Support Scheme is an extended three-year project, which aims to enhance family members’ skills and knowledge to handle drug issues in the families, thus to engage as soon as possible the drug abusers to drug counselling services. Based on our frontline experience, although many family members discovered the drug abuse problems in the family, they did not know how to deal with the situation because of the lack of relevant skills and knowledge. Therefore, psychoeducation and supporting works are vitally important to facilitate the family members to take one step forward on dealing with the drug taking problems.

We aim to enhance the family members’ well-being. In fact, it is not easy for the family members to deal with the situation in the family, in the long run, they may be mentally and physically exhausted and that may cause a vicious circle – negative interaction between the family members and the drug abusers. In the hope of stopping the vicious cycle, the project collaborates with the Centre on Behavioral Health of The University of Hong Kong to provide services based on the “Body-mind-spirit Holistic healthcare model”, reducing the adverse impact on the family members and empowering them to be a strong companion.


  • To improve the family members’ physical and psychological health, and to enhance their capability of dealing with drug-taking issues so as to motivate the drug abusers to seek help.
  • To increase the positive interaction between the drug abusers and their family members; to enhance the drug abusers’ motivation to deal with drug-taking issues.
  • To help professionals involved in the helping process to increase their skills on handling drug abuse issues.

Service Contents

Family Support Service
  • Individual case follow-up and counselling.
  • Body-Mind-Spirit experiential workshops based on an integrative, person-centered and holistic health-focused service model.
  • Therapeutic groups, mutual support groups and peer counselling training.
  • Medical and multi-disciplinary professional services.
Drug Abuser Support Service
  • Detoxification and counselling services.
  • Family-oriented counselling.
  • Reaching out home-based counselling for low-motivational or hidden drug abusers.
  • Referral services.
Professional Training
  • Skill and knowledge training for the helping professionals.
  • Frontline experience sharing.

Service District

Kowloon West District (Kowloon City, Shamshuipo, Yau Tsim Mong District).

Service Targets

  • Family members of psychotropic substance abusers.
  • Psychotropic substance abusers.
  • Professionals involved in the drug abuse prevention and treatment process.

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