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FLY Project

Date: 22/08/2023

The Service is ended.



The “Fun to Learn for the Young Programme”(FLY Project) is funded by the "Simon K. Y. Lee Children’s Fund”. The Fund understands that many poor families cannot provide the necessary training and environment for their children. The children miss the golden developmental stages for learning and growth. The lack of services and support in the community, specifically for infants and young children in poor families further widens the gap between the rich and poor children. In view of this, the “Simon K. Y. Lee Children’s Fund” has focused on this group of people, conducting empirical research and community service projects. It hopes to fill the service gap and enable the next generation of grassroots families to have fairer opportunities for development and to get out of intergenerational poverty.

In 2014, we designed the course content for the FLY Project. In 2016, we formally launched FLY Project (Phase II). As of 2017, 72 families who were served by our team benefited from the Project. The whole project has served 750 families in 18 districts of Hong Kong.

Target Service Recipients

Children who are 1.5 years old and their parents are from grassroots families.

Scope of Services

Courses include 1 hour of children learning and 1 hour of parental education. The scope of children's learning includes cognition, gross and fine motor coordination, language and preparation for school admission. Parents' curriculum includes parent-child relationship, behaviour management and home safety. There are a total of 55 sessions in one course.